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Newsletter - Stainless Steel IP69K Bezel-free
Stainless Steel IP69K Bezel-free
touch panel PC for Food processing,
beverage manufacturing,
pharmaceuticals and chemical industry
LEX series of bezel-free, stainless steel panel pc (10.4”/15.1”/19”) which are fully IP66/IP67 waterproof & IP69K- rated and are reliable working in harsh environments against hazards including dust, dirt, water, oil, grease, bio-fluids and chemicals.

The stainless steel chassis and IP69K waterproofing illustrates the ability to clean the product via high temperature and high pressure wash down with water, harsh detergents and acidic/alkaline disinfectants. Bezel-free display helps the system to avoid liquid residues accumulation. LEX IP69K protection stainless series PPC will satisfy the stringent sanitation requirements of food processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and chemical factories.
  Features of LEX bezel-free, Stainless steel IP69K panel pc
Fully IP66/IP67 & IP69K bezel-free Fanless
Intel BayTrail E3825/E3845 Dual Core/Quad Core CPU
On board DDR3L/DDR3 2G/4G memory
Resistive/Capacitive Touch Screen
M12 I/O connectors of LAN, COM, USB, VGA, Power
Storage options: mSATA, 1 x2.5” HDD
2 x Mini Card PCIe, VESA 100 standard compatible
Working Temperature: -20°C~+60°C
Wide Range DC-In +9~36V
IP66/67 & IP69K Stainless steel Waterproof Solution
Resistive/Capacitive Touch Screen panel
Bezel free mechanical design
10.4" PPC Dimension: 308W x 45H x 259.4D mm
15.1" PPC Dimension: 414W x 45H x 346.1D mm
19" PPC Dimension: 476.4W x 45H x 404.6D mm
LEX 2I385HW SBC is with Intel® Atom™ Bay Trail (Dual Core / Quad Core) processor to give users fast, convenient and simplified solutions for industrial and embedded applications. This platform with all wafer IO design delivers high flexibility toward expanded functions & and also provides user hassle-free solution of integrating the SBC board at various mechanical chassis.

The compact size feature makes this platform well suited for many space-limited and thermally constrained embedded applications, such as Automation Control, Transportation, Military, Aquaculture industry, Oceanographic research and POS/Kiosk solution.
Intel® Bay Trail-I E3825/E3845
MB size Pico-ITX 2.5” 102 x 73mm
Graphic: Intel Bay Trail-I Integrated Graphics chipset
Memory: DDR3L 2G/4G Onboard
Features: VGA, eDP, LVDS, Touch Screen,
  2 x Intel Gb Ethernet, 2 x Mini PCIe,
  1 x USB 3.2/2.0, 4 x USB2.0,
  4 x COM (RS232-optional to RS485)
Working Temperature: -20°C~+70°C
Wide Range DC-In +9~36V
Stainless 15.1" Stainless 19" Stainless 10.4" 2I385HW Series