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A complete integrated PoE to PC motherboard solution GPS / 3G / 4G / Wi-fi available
    PoE (Power over Ethernet) is an advanced technology which following the IEEE 802.3af PoE standard with capacity of delivering 15.4W power and transferring data via Ethernet cable to various PoE devices, allowing it to function smoothly even in areas where power cables could not reach.
    Our PoE system can be connected to many networks such as IP Cameras, VoIP Phone, Wireless Access Points and many others. For example, when surveillance applications such as IP cameras are connected to our PoE system, video and image can be transferred along with the power via Ethernet cable. Hence, this technology offers our customer a more cost-effective surveillance solution.
Main Features
CPU: Apollo Lake N4200 / N3350 / E3950
  Intel Ivy Bridge 1047UE ; i3 / i7 or
  Intel Bay Trail-I E3845
. 4 Ports PoE LAN
. IEEE 802.3af PSE manager PoE controller
. 15.4W power via Ethernet port
. CPC (Car Power on / off delay control)
. Support 3G / 4G SIM card and WiFi, GPS
. Support PoE applications include:
. Surveillance monitoring with IP cameras
. Wireless Access Points
. VoIP Phones
. Ethernet routers / Ethernet Switch hubs
PoE All in One MB PoE system PoE Module
PoE Add on Card Special PoE expansion  
   PoE All in One MB
3.5" SBC with
Intel Apollo Lake CPU
3.5" SBC with
Intel Apollo Lake CPU
3.5" SBC with
Intel 3rd Gen Core i CPU
3.5" SBC with
Intel Bay Trail CPU
   PoE system
   PoE Module
Mini PCIe 1~2 x LAN extension Card +
2 x PoE out power board
Mini PCIe 4 x LAN extension Card +
4 x PoE out power board
   PoE Add on Card
PCIe Card (PCIe x 1), 4 x PoE
PCIe Card (PCIe x 4), 4 x PoE
   Special PoE expansion
4 x PoE LAN, 1 x Fiber
2 x PoE LAN (RJ45/M12)