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MiTex-N/E System
Embedded IA, VOD, Video server, Security, Home MIDI, ATM, Panel PC, POS and Kiosk application
MODEL MiTex-N/E System
Material SECC
Color Black
Weight 2.5 Kg ( incl. M/B & HDD )
Storage Space 2.5" HDD
Expansion Slot 2 x PCI
PCI card Length 185 mm
Case Dimension 266 W x 216.3 D x  86.5 H mm
Power ATX open frame power (55W) (MiTex-N)
on board DC-IN 12V (MiTex-E)
Optional Accessory Wall mount kit


More Functions
LCM Display 1 ~ 4 Video-IN 3G Optional LAN
Wi-Fi 4 x COM GPS DC +6V to +36V
The above available functions outline the possibility with system, for more information please contact us.