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Fanless Industrial Panel PC
LEX Panel PCs designed with compact & robust chassis, high performance platform and touch screens make them the solution for new generation human machine interface (HMI) systems. LEX Panel PC systems bring customer comprehensive functionality solution for retails, transportation, medical and automation applications in harsh environments.
Main Features
Easy-installed, cost-effective and fanless design
Ideal for all kinds of Panel PC solutions
VESA 75 / 100 wall mount spec.
Resistive touch screen / Capacitive touch screen
IP66 / IP67 / IP69K waterproof
Open frame mechanical design
Extension twin view solution
LED backlight
Stainless IP66 / IP67 / IP69K Panel PC
(Stainless Chassis)
Stainless Bezel-free Waterproof
Stainless Panel PC system provides protection against ingress of dust and high temperature, high pressure water. LEX Stainless Panel PC is the ideal platform for use in conditions where equipments must be carefully sanitized such as food processing industry.
IP66 / 67 Waterproof Panel PC
(w / Aluminum Chassis)
SHARK Bezel-free Waterproof
STAR Bezel-free Waterproof
The waterproof Panel PCs are the solution for restaurant, central kitchen or as outdoor information kiosk. Accident is inevitable, so is the bad weather, dropping liquid and dust are almost everywhere, which is why a working environment like kitchen or outdoor space would need such completely waterproof Panel PC system to prevent unavoidable accident.
Bezel-free Flat Panel PC
(ABS Panel frame)
SUPER Fanless Bezel-free Panel PC
LEX bezel-free panel pc with its compact size and low power consumption feature can be dedicated to retail stores, restaurants and commercial use and self-service Kiosk solutions. The bezel-free flat panel allows system to resists to water, dust, grease, liquid, bio-fluids & food. And the ultra slim thickness & low power consumption make LEX products easily integrated to various human machine interface (HMI) applications.