The design concept of BI525C is to merge the battery charger board with 4S2P battery pack and a small form factor motherboard to form a multipurpose motherboard. It features wide range voltage DC-IN from +9 to +35V, talent battery charger method, and at least 2 hours discharge time under normal circumstances.
Embedded Battery Charger M/B
At least 2 hours discharge time…
Wide range DC-IN is a necessary feature of BI525C, which is able to protect the In-vehicle system from the damage of unstable input voltage. The wide range DC-IN from the vehicle can be converted to 19V for the battery charger system as well as 12V for the motherboard. This means, by supplying the constant DC-IN power to the system, it enables the battery charger to work properly and supply the power to motherboard as well.
WHY is BI525C necessary? Well, so many uncertain factors cannot be controlled; we have to consider all the consequences before the system suffering from the power failure or instability of power supply damages. BI525C provides the instant power input right after power failure; the battery power will take over the DC-IN power source and provide the constant power to the system for at least 2 hours to avoid any lost.
BI525C features LVDS, 6 COM ports and touch screen, which can be combined with Panel PC and other devices as a mobile system. The classic application would be the CAPS (Computer Assisted Picking System) for the warehouse.
Mobile equipment is one of the various common applications ”
For some small warehouse, the whole automation system may not be necessary or too expensive to afford it; the best solution would be having a Panel PC with BI525C on the warehouse trolley. This kind of mobile picking system is very cost-effective; by integrating other equipments like barcode scanner will help to identify the target item and reduce the mistake of misread. BI525C is not only very flexible and highly integrated; it’ s the key role of supplying the power to the whole mobile equipment and brings the system into effect.
BI525A/C will be launched soon.