High integration of security monitoring controller


LEX SYSTEM intelligent transportation solution integrated security monitoring input / 4G LTE/5G / WiFi and GPS features for proceeding the mobile communication and navigation as the complete solution which operates reliably in the high-demand fields of railway, transportation, environmental research, automation, manufacturing, military, and industrial facilities.


Multiple features addressing to the harsh operating environment


The optional anti-vibration kit (passed the MIL-STD 810F-514.5 C1, C2 and C3 tests) and robust M12 connectors resist vibration and provide reliable connectivity in harsh environmental conditions.  LEX SYSTEM intelligent transportation solution remains stable even when the power input changes (Wide Range DC-IN / vehicle ignition on/off delay module). LEX solutions are with aluminum chassis will be the excellent at Low EMI and heat dispatching solution (range of -40°C to 60°C), as well as having been fully tested for the railway operating environment in order to support EN50155 / EN50121 compliance and E-Mark ; ISO 7637 certification.

Transportation ETC


Highway ETC billing system


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Transportation AI Surveillance 2


AI Surveillance System


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Transportation In VehicleNVR


In-Vehicle computer and panel pc

With wide voltage power input, power ignition on/off delay control, M12 anti-vibration and waterproof mechanical design, and flexible scalability, Lex SYSTEM robust in-vehicle embedded system and panel pc are the ideal platforms for the severe environmental requirements of various transportation applications.


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Transportation Intelligent Rail way


Intelligent Railway

LEX SYSTEM intelligent railway solutions are with :

  • Availability of 4GLTE /5G / GPRS / GPS / Wifi / Video / PoE IP capture input
  • Power ignition on / off delay control
  • Wide range DC (+9V~36V) power input
  • Wide range DC (+110V) power input for Railway
  • Wide range Temperature (-40°C~60°C)
  • Multiple display interface connections (VGA, DVI-D, HDMI and LVDS)
  • Anti-Vibration chassis design
  • Rechargeable battery back up support
  • Robust M12 type I/O Connection
  • Waterproof IP66 / IP67 Solution
  • Compliant with E-Mark ; ISO 7637 and EN50155 / EN50121


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Transportation In FleetManagement


Fleet Management

LEX SYSTEM fleet management creates opportunities to improve a variety of operational efficiencies. Vehicle tracking and monitoring, fleet analytics, fuel management, predictive maintenance and remote diagnostics are among the features that help fleet operators boost efficiency and reduce expenses.


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Transportation Parking lot access control


Parking lot access control

Ideal platform for integrating parking and entry/exit systems for different modular and scalable projects


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